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Neck-Hanging Charger with Soft Silicon Case and Memory Titanium Alloy Skeleton for Airpods

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Update time : 2019-08-01 16:23:55

Main Features:

Portable to prevent your Airpods form falling off, Soft Silicone Connection Case with L/R Identification Window
Memory Titanium Alloy material Stent. Comfortable to wear, More con-venient to sport
Increase your Airpods usage time by more than two times
If the Airpods charging case is lost or damaged, you can contiune to charge your Airpods with the recharge power sport sling.

Material: Silicone
Net Weight: 18g
Input 5V/0.1A Micro USB interface
Battery Capacity: 110Ah
Applicable Product: Airpods(Support Original Airpods and 1:1 high Copy)

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Soft light panel to meet different environmental uses.
Touch-pull panel design,easy to adjust,sleek and simple.
Metal hose,can be bent freely to meet different angles.