Game Component

Bluetooth Gamepad for NS-Switch Console

Item No.: SY-WG888
Designed for Nintend Switch Pro Controller
Dual Electric motors for an enhanced gaming experience
Ergonomic design asymmetric button layout provides a more comfortable gaming exprience
Type-C Charging  port allows you to use your original type-c adapter to charge your controller
Coming with a 1.2m type-c charging cable,allows you to connect your controllers to a standard USB Type-A
wall charger to achieve reliable,safe charging
The Receiving distance at about 10M(barrier-free environment)
Include an accelerometer and gyro-sensor,making independent left and right motion control possible
* This product is a new wireless game controller that is compatible with the Switch host.
* No need to load any driver, the handle can be used after pairing with the host.
* Use Bluetooth wireless communication to connect with the host, strong anti-interference ability, free control, stable connection signal.
* Ergonomic design and lightweight handle construction make the player feel comfortable, even if you continue to play the game without fatigue.
* This handle supports gyroscope axis function and supports dual motor vibration function.
Package Included: