Game Component

Pro Controller Wireless for Nintendo Switch

Item No.: SY-WG587
1) This pro handle is compatible with the switch host and also supports windows computers.
2) With TURBO Keys + One-click Connection to Console
3) Built in 600mA polymer lithium battery, which can last fo about 8 hours after being fully charged.
4) the built-in gyroscope of this handle supports the actio sensing function; the built-in double motor supports the double shock function; and the turbo continuous firing function.
5) At most 4 wireless handles can be connected to the host at the same time.
6) Ergonomic design and lightweight handle structure make players feel comfortable.
7) This handle can be upgraded by connecting the computer and using the update software.
8) Wireless connection: about 8 meters
9) Input voltage: DC5.0V
10) Lithium battery capacity: 600MAH


Oct 30, 2020